How to Simplify your Holiday Party

December 1, 2016 | Holiday, Paramount Events Inspiration, Party Planning, Seasonality

We realize the holiday season can be overwhelming to navigate, especially when it comes to hosting. It may seem incomprehensible, but simplifying your celebrations this year can be done by following a few tips that will help you get organized, save money, and focus the seasonal celebrations around your values.




1) Get Organized

Cut stress this holiday season by getting organized. Pick up your planner and jot down all of your holiday commitments (dinner parties, family gatherings, school recitals, etc.), along with tentative plans that you’re still on the fence about.


Then, determine what, if any, meals and menus you will prepare for each occasion. Sort through your favorite recipes and those delicious looking pins on your ‘Hey Good Looking, What ‘cha got Cooking?’ board that you’ve forgotten about. Decide what makes sense for each party. Consider seasonality, audience, and most importantly, affordability. Making your list (and checking it twice) is the easiest way to sort out priorities and tackle your to-do’s one day at a time.




2) Simplify Gift Giving

Just like Santa, make a list. It’s helpful to start out with preliminary ideas for everyone on your list this season, even if you stray from your original plans. Keep an ongoing list throughout the year of ideas for family and friends to avoid cluttering the homes of our loved ones with stuff they don’t want or need. The sooner you make your list, the sooner you can start checking it off. Early shopping generally means shorter lines, more availability, and less stress.


Regardless of your shopping tactics, remember that spending less money on something more thoughtful goes a long way. Think of the recipient’s favorite hobbies and passions. Give them something that will evoke emotion or carry personal significance. Whether it cost you a dime or a dollar, the true value of the gift is in the emotional ties it has to the recipient and the relationship it signifies. Always strive for quality over quantity.




3) Rely on the Experts

While it’s fun to plan a party, sometimes it’s easier to rely on event experts to do the legwork so you can sit back and enjoy the company of your guests. Whether you rent an all-inclusive venue, order in catering to your home, or hire an event planner to take care of the details, it’s perfectly okay to ask for help when you’re feeling overwhelmed.


We happen to know a really great team who can help take the stress of planning off your shoulders. Whether you’re looking for a private space to host your event, restaurant quality catering brought to your home, or just in need of expert advice, we’ve got you covered. Send us a note, and we’ll take care of the rest!




4) Remember What’s Important

Although the holidays bring great cheer and celebration, they can also can add a lot of unnecessary stress into your life. It’s important to take a moment to step away from the chaos to reflect on personal values, traditions, and the true importance of the holidays.


Instead of spending all of your time, money, and efforts on gifting material things, work on building and strengthening your relationship with loved ones. Spend quality time with the people you hold closest to your heart. After all, that can be the most rewarding gift of the holiday season.