October 28, 2012 | Press

catering to change


Our founder, Jodi Fyfe, wrote this article about the challenges of Catering to Change.


The Challenge of Catering to Change

By: Jodi Fyfe

October, 2012

Bloggers, publicists and restaurateurs repeatedly use the phrase, “Not yo’ mama’s” when talking about the latest product, new hip bar or modern take on a classic dish. The phrase couldn’t apply more to the constantly developing catering industry – a trade that used to be associated with mom-and-pop shops and old-school banquet halls now synonymous with trendy cooking shows like Bravo’s Top Chef, Fox’s Hell’s Kitchen and Food Network’s Chopped.


Catering companies don’t necessarily deserve credit for this change in perception. Starting with restaurants like Thomas Keller’s French Laundry and Patrick O’Connell’s Inn at Little Washington 30 years ago, American cuisine reformatted itself rather rapidly into being a world contender of fine dining. As the caliber with restaurants rose, so did the expectations of caterers. Now, our clients call about a dish they had at The Purple Pig or Francesca’s and want that exact dish for their holiday party.


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