On Wednesday, May 7th Paramount Events hosted an educational wine tasting for it’s employees.


Heidi from Terlato Wines led the class and brought along 15 different types of wines.  Paramount Events’ staff were able to sample the wine, learn about the different flavors and notes as well as the appellation for each varietal.  


A few, fun tidbits we took away from the class include:


  • The reason for swirling the wine is to introduce oxygen into the wine glass and to agitate the wine to release esters that contain the aromas of the wine.

  • Wines with higher acidity are made with grapes grown in cooler temperature whereas wines with lower acidity are made from grapes grown in warmer temperatures. 

  • The smaller the region on the label, the better the wine. EX: A bottle labeled “Napa Valley” will be a better wine than one labeled “California”. 


It was a fun and informative day for all!


Are you a wine lover? We’d be happy to help you create a fun, educational and memorable event for you and your fellow “vinophiles”! Our signature charcuterie and passed Hors d’oeuvre would be a perfect compliment.


If you’d like to host a group wine tasting at our event space, The Smith On Lake, please contact us by phone 773.880.8044  or email:  




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