What does it mean when we say “Taste the Difference"? It means that by utilizing our on-site growhouse in the West Loop we’re able to ensure that ingredients are truly at their freshest. This allows us to add layers of uncompromised flavor and beauty to our food. We use all organic practices, hand-pick daily, rinse with care, and cool each item to the ideal temperature. Limiting time under refrigeration allows for minimal degradation and maximum flavor. The growhouse allows us to simulate seasonal conditions to produce great yields all year round. It also gives us the opportunity to add to our Paramount Events family by employing more people, and partnering with wonderful organizations, such as Growing Home. This is truly Chef Devon’s passion, and it comes through on each and every plate. See more on social media at #paramountgrowhouse.

Currently Growing

Lovage | Rhubarb | Alpine Strawberries | Olim Basil | Asparagus | Scarlet Turnips | Long Standing Spinach | Pusa Jamuni Radish | Cherry Bell Radish | Chinese Green Luobo Radish | Tuscan Kale | Nepitella | 3 Sage Varieties | Purple Basil | Thai Basil | Cinnamon Basil | Nasturtium | Clovers | Common, Sheep’s & Wood Sorrel | Several Types of Mustard Greens | Arugula | Chinese Long Beans | Pidgeon Peas | Borage | Pole Beans | Chives| Lemon Balm | Bees Balm | Anise Hyssop | and More



our current partner farms

Garfield Produce, Green City Market, Gunthorp Farms, Iowa Premium, Nichols Farm, Oak Park Farmer’s Market, Werp Farm