Creative Ways to Warm up your Winter Wedding

November 7, 2018 | Holiday, Party Planning, Weddings

Once the cold weather hits and the holiday season begins, most of us enter a hibernation period of snuggling up with a good book under warm blankets. While most winter events will serve coffee and tea, make sure guests know they made the right choice to bundle up and leave the house for your big occasion. These hot drink bars will warm up your winter wedding or event and create a unique experience that guests will love:

  • Hot Chocolate Bar: We’re not talking about powdered chocolate packets and boiling water. Provide guests with a cup of luxury hot chocolate by setting up a bar that gives the choice of white, milk and dark chocolate options in a large mug. Then, allow for the choice of homemade marshmallows and freshly whipped cream. Finish everything off by including an array of peppermint sticks, caramel sauce, chocolate shavings and scrumptious pirouettes. Warm guests up even further by giving the option for a splash of Kahlúa or whiskey to create the perfect boozy hot chocolate.

  • Apple Cider Station: For a light option that still placates the shivers, create an apple cider station with drinks made from freshly squeezed apples. Again, there’s no room for packets of powder here. Toppings for cider can include cinnamon sticks, flavored syrups and caramel cubes. Guests always love an adult version of a childhood treat, and rum or ginger beer pair well with a good cider.

  • Eggnog Stand: No holiday event would be complete without the option for a creamy eggnog. After serving the spiced egg yolk concoction in a large cup, allow guests to add toppings like gingerbread crumbles, toffee drizzles and toasted coconut flakes. Finish things off with a dash of Irish whiskey or Cognac for flavor combinations that just beg for lots of Instagram posts about your event.