Vaccine Mandate and Chicago Events

January 3, 2022 | Catering, Paramount Events, Party Planning

With the increase of Covid-19, particularly the surge of the Omicron variant, the City of Chicago is mandating proof of vaccination before entering many indoor areas.


Your guests’ safety is the top priority when planning an event during the pandemic. Navigating the vaccine mandate can be difficult, confusing, and involve more logistical steps than prior. We hope there is a decrease in Covid-19 cases by the time your event arrives, although if the mandate is still in effect, we have answered your recent questions about the next steps.

What types of places are mandating the vaccine?

Any indoor establishment that serves food and beverages, indoor fitness facilities, indoor venues where food and beverages are served. If your venue is indoors in the city of Chicago, you will need proof of vaccination to attend the event.


How is it mandated at events where there are many people?

Before guests enter the venue, there will be a vaccination-check in. At Paramount Events, our staff is willing to help with the logistics—temperature checks, manning the door to check vaccination cards, etc.

What are acceptable forms of vaccination proof?

To be allowed into any space requiring the mandate, you must show proof of vaccination (photocopy, digital record/app, or printed record) along with a valid photo ID (over the age of 16+).  If your guests are questioning their eligibility, they can verify their vaccination records here.


What happens if someone attends an event and is not vaccinated? Will they be let in?

Per the City of Chicago guidelines, you will not be let into the venue if you are unvaccinated. We highly recommend designating a trusted family member/friend for our team to communicate with if there are any unvaccinated guests. If the event is taking place at a private residence, the decision is up to the homeowner whether to allow unvaccinated guests or not.


What are some tips on communicating this requirement to my guests?

It doesn’t matter what you or your guest’s stance is on vaccines, this is a mandate implemented by the City of Chicago.  Be open, honest, and direct in your communications and allow enough time for people to get vaccinated if possible.


What if the venue is both indoor and outdoor?

The vaccine mandate only applies to the indoor portion of a venue.

At The Paramount Group, we are driven by our mission of putting the health and safety of our partners, guests, and employees above all else. During the recent surge of the Omicron variant, we have to be especially vigilant and transparent, so we’d like to reiterate our efforts that allow people to celebrate in a healthy and safe environment. We have been educating our team on what the mandate entails, training them on the proper forms of vaccination proof, and outlining the requirement and where it’s mandated.


Following a company-wide mandate in August, our staff is fully vaccinated and has been receiving their booster shots when eligible. Anyone entering our building or anyone on our team working an event is required to wear a mask. Weekly tests are administered by Northshore Clinical Labs at our building and test results are received prior to weekend events. If an employee doesn’t feel well prior to an event, we ask that they stay home until they receive a negative test result. If you have any questions, concerns, or specific requirements you would like us to consider or adhere to, please contact

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