Killing the Velvet Game

December 19, 2018 | Décor

Velvet is back. This rich fabric isn’t an old ’70s fad anymore, and we’re seeing details of it pop up all over at this year’s weddings and events. Here are some of our favorite ways to incorporate touches of velvet into your event:




Create a wonderful accent to the bride’s bouquet by wrapping the flower stems with a piece of the lush fabric. Not only does this offer a practical use for preventing stains or water drips to a dress, but it looks stylish too.

Another trend for wrapped velvet is incorporating it into your centerpiece, which not only highlights the floral décor, but photographs beautifully as well.


Velvet shoes are all over the shelves. Finding a cute pair of loafers, pumps or boots will add a plush feel to really elevate the aisle or dance floor.


Small details can be everything. Look to use velvet on earrings, ties, cuff links or veil trims to add some texture and create an elegant feel at your event.


Velvet linens are absolutely to die for. Fun to the touch, various velvet textures can change the table look and really give the room an opulent atmosphere.

Make the Most of Your Linens

December 12, 2018 | Décor, Weddings

Table linens are something that can add a lot of color and character to your event. Most people don’t anticipate the large expense of renting large amounts of table linens though, so here are a few ways to make the most of your linen choices if you’re on a budget.

2019 Pantone Color of the Year

December 11, 2018 | Décor

As 2018 nears its end, our team of event experts and trend forecasters at Paramount Events are looking forward to a new year of weddings, events, and venues inspired by the 2019 Pantone Color of the Year: Living Coral. This beautiful color is meant to invoke warmth and nourishment while symbolizing a fusion of modernity with nature-inspired authenticity.

Building the Perfect Sweets Station

December 5, 2018 | Décor, Weddings

Weddings featuring cake as their solo dessert are now relics of the past. Including a sweets station at your wedding provides variety and ensures that every guest has their sweet tooth satisfied. These three key points are critical when designing your own personal sweets station.