How Paramount Guarantees Quality


We don’t invest our passion into every plate without ensuring an elevated style of service to match. By directly employing and training every single one of our servers, bartenders, and staff, we’re able to exercise the greatest attention to detail and quality control at every event. Nothing and no one is ever outsourced or overlooked, and the difference is Paramount.



On-site staffing sets Paramount apart


Paramount Events is proud to directly employ and train all field staff in-house. Many caterers use third party agencies to staff events and venues, leading to a decline in quality and less control over who is at an event. By employing each and every staff member under the Paramount name, we’re able to guarantee that the staff assigned to you and your guests is professionally trained and experienced, with first-hand knowledge of your event, the venue, and the high standards we bring to every occasion.



Prepared for everything, so ask us anything


Providing exceptional service comes down to the staff to guest count ratio. These numbers determine how quickly food is served, the length of bar lines, and the efficiency of passing hors d’oeuvres. Paramount Events is committed to providing the exact number of servers needed for the flawless execution of your event. In addition to servers, we also assign captains to oversee serving groups and an event manager to supervise all staff. These roles provide multiple layers of quality control and cohesion in order to elevate and conduct your event effortlessly.



Because the difference is Paramount


From a black-tie affair to a casual wedding on the beach, Paramount’s staff are prepared for every occasion. All serving staff is required to wear matching uniforms during event setup and change into clean and freshly pressed uniforms for service. Staff attire is customized for each event, allowing for themed uniforms and detailing never before seen in Chicago food service.


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