Elevating Your Thanksgiving Feast

November 14, 2018 | Holiday, Party Planning

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Planning and cooking the main dinner can be challenging enough for most of us, and worrying about decorations is the last thing on the mind. Here are a few quick tricks to turn that dinner into a feast:

  1. Use sage, fir, or other thick herbs to adorn napkins and place settings. Flowers don’t have to be the only touch of greenery at the table this year.

  2. Spruce up the candles by placing them in round clear vases with cranberries, walnuts or pumpkins at the bottom to create instant aromas and a great centerpiece.
  3. Get away from the traditional Thanksgiving colors of maroon, orange and brown by shaking things up with gold and silver painted mini pumpkins at the table.
  4. Spills and stains are inevitable to a nice tablecloth with little ones around. Avoid this by using brown butcher paper, sticking with a rustic Thanksgiving theme and giving kids the chance to color all over it.


These simple tips can transform a Thanksgiving dinner and can be done in minutes, leaving you more time for that turkey!

Leftover Easter Candy Ideas

April 24, 2019 | Catering, Holiday, Paramount Events, Recipes

  Easter Day has come and gone, but the huge amount of leftover candy lingers in colorful wicker baskets across Chicago, prompting some to ask, “what can I do with my extra Easter candy?” Paramount Events has some great ideas to ensure that the celebrations don’t come to a stop after the holiday has ended. […]

Creative Ways to Warm up your Winter Wedding

November 7, 2018 | Holiday, Party Planning, Weddings

Once the cold weather hits and the holiday season begins, most of us enter a hibernation period of snuggling up with a good book under warm blankets. While most winter events will serve coffee and tea, make sure guests know they made the right choice to bundle up and leave the house for your big occasion. These hot drink bars will set your wedding or event apart from others and create a unique experience that guests will love.