If you’ve every been to Paramount Events for a meeting or a tasting for an upcoming event, you just may have spotted Demetrius working away in our ever growing greenhouse & urban garden. Our Executive Chef Devon Quinn, with his background in botany and gardening, created this space to better incorporate fresh greens, herbs and even edible flowers into our dishes.


And that’s where Demetrius comes in. As an integral part of the Paramount Events team and he does amazing work in our growhouse under Chef Devon’s guidance. Demetrius is always positive, enthusiastic, and hardworking. We love having him!


When we stopped by the garden this week, we found Demetrius watering some hanging plants, right in the middle of his morning routine. Luckily, he spared a few moments to answer some questions for a Spotlight Interview to show you how things work behind the scenes!



Q: How long have you been gardening?
A: Previously I was gardening on the side and that is how I was able to earn some extra money. People saw my work and then asked me to come back. Gardening has always been a hobby of mine and I didn’t realize I had the passion for it until I started doing it more frequently. Then, I found that I love it! One day, I ran into a buddy of mine and he was telling me about an organization called Growing Home, and that is when I called and I applied. They gave me an interview and I went to the program and here I am now!


Q: What is your favorite part about gardening?
A: When you put the seed in the ground, and take care of it and actually see it blossom and grow, that is exciting to me. You start with this seed in your hand, and then you put it in the dirt, and then you get to reap the benefits and see it bloom. That is the best part about working with plants.


Q: Is there a favorite plant you like to garden?
A: Well actually, no. I like them all. All of them have a unique feature, some blossom quicker than others, so I like to start from the ground up and take care of all our plants.


Q: What is your favorite part about working here at Paramount?
A: My favorite part is working in this garden, and also to work around positive people. That excites me. It is rare that you can be at a company and be around so many positive people and bosses. Jodi is the best. I love her and seeing her be the top boss and a great leader!


Q: What is your favorite food that Paramount makes?
A: I love the fish! I am a seafood lover and the fish at Paramount is the best. It is perfect for summer. I could eat it seven days a week!


Q: What has your experience with Growing Home been like?
A: Growing Home has opened my eyes to let me know that you can make it in this world, and that people care. There a lot of people at that place that really go out of their way to help you, and it never stops. They go far and beyond. They help you with your legal aspects, housing, and anything it may be that you need. They always have open arms. That is the most exciting part about Growing Home.


Q: What is your vision for the future of the greenhouse here?
A: I see it expanding. I’ll continue to work with both Jodi and Growing Home and some point soon we would love to add more and more plants. I am so excited for that!


Thanks Demetrius! We are lucky to have you!

To watch Demetrius in action and learn more about Growing Home, click here.


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