Super Bowl Chicken Wings with a Twist

January 29, 2016 | Drop Off Catering, Paramount Events, Recipes

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There is nothing like getting together with friends and family to watch the Super Bowl. This ultimate Sunday Funday will be celebrated for the 50th time this year on February 7. There are many traditions people like to follow while watching the big game—laughing at the commercials, critiquing the half time show and, of course, eating delicious food.


Coming up with the perfect spread to impress your guests is exciting, but we know it can get stressful at times. With the appetizers, drinks and the entrées to think about, you want to find the perfect dishes to make sure everyone’s taste buds are satisfied.


Chicken wings are always a fan favorite at a Super Bowl party. We know you’ve tried all the classic sauces like Honey BBQ, Spicy Buffalo and Garlic Parmesan, but we say it’s time to change things up. This recipe for Vietnamese Fried Chicken Wings may be just the twist on standard you’re looking for (and your guests will love ’em!). Hey, maybe they’ll be such a hit that you’ll add them to your annual Super Bowl tradition!


Need more options? Take the party menu beyond the crock pot and let us take care of the rest. Click here to check out our full Drop Off Menu. If nacho bars, mini sandwiches and soft pretzel stations sound good to you, then you’ve come to the right place.


Vietnamese Fried Chicken Wings


Marinade & Sauce


8 cloves garlic

1/2 shallot

1/2 jalapeño pepper

1/4 cup warm water

1/2 cup fish sauce

1/2 cup fine sugar


Flour Dredge for Wings


1 cup rice flour

1/4 cup tempura batter mix

Pinch of salt


To make the marinade & sauce, finely chop the garlic cloves and shallot. Add a pinch of salt to chopped garlic and shallot and continue to chop it for around 15 seconds. Scrap the chopped garlic and shallot into a bowl and add 1/4 of warm water. Let sit for 5 min. Strain the liquid from the garlic and shallot and save in a separate bowl. Keep the garlic/ shallot mixture. Add fish sauce and sugar to the garlic/shallot water. Finely dice the jalapeño and add to sauce. Reserve 1/2 cup of sauce for glazing the wings later. With the remaining sauce marinate your chicken wings for a minimum of 2 hours.


Fry the garlic shallot mixture in 2 oz canola oil until golden brown. Use a low heat and allow to cook for around 5-7 minutes. Strain the fried garlic/shallot and lay on paper towel to absorb excess oil. Your garlic and shallot should be golden brown and crunchy.


To fry the chicken wings, first make your dredge. Combine rice flour and tempura mix with a pinch of salt in a medium sized mixing bowl and mix thoroughly. Next remove your chicken wings from the marinade and allow to drain. Toss the wings in the dredge and coat entirely. Make sure not to have excess flour on the wings. You can remove it by gently tapping off the excess.


Heat 3 quarts of canola oil in a large pot to 325 degrees F. Make sure the pot is large enough fry the wings without overflowing. If your pot is on the smaller side, be sure to fry in smaller batches. Fry the wings until they are golden brown and fully cooked, around 6-8 minutes once cooked. Remove wings from oil and transfer to a large mixing bowl. Pour the 1/2 cup of sauce that was reserved earlier on the crispy chicken wings. Add the fried garlic and shallot and serve how, with some sliced cucumbers, pickled radish plus fresh basil, mint and cilantro.


And as always, we’d be happy to take care of making these chicken wings for you. Just contact us here!