Making Your Summer Event an Experience

August 15, 2018 | Décor, Party Planning


Planning a party takes a lot of time and commitment. While summer can be the perfect season to put unique event ideas into action, here are some ways to make that job just a little bit easier:

  1. Find the perfect venue: Take advantage of the weather and choose an outdoor venue for your event. Choose spaces with a rooftop or patio area where guests can eat, drink and enjoy the event.

  2. Make it interactive: People want to be engaged at events today. Some trends this year include open air kitchens, refreshing specialty cocktails, wine and beer tasting stations, a photo booth or a custom Snapchat GeoFilter. The goal is to incorporate something unique that guests will remember.

  3. Make it personal: It’s not so much about what guests do at your event, but how it makes them feel. Completely immerse guests with light shows, unique color schemes and unheard music. Photos will often be the only memory left of your event. Make sure guests can take great photographs by providing colorful lighting that produces fun moods and angles. Synchronizing uplights with the music can produce a specific effect on the mood of the event. Knowing the audience and theme well ensures that the interactive experiences are synced well with the intended mood of the party.

  4. Plant décor: Summer plants include lush palms, a diversity of succulents and pink peonies. These small touches can add an instantly fresh and welcoming feel to any space. Get creative with the peonies by incorporating them into a dazzling centerpiece at the the main food table, or have them hanging in pots from the ceiling. Succulents at every table is a cute detail, and large palms in every corner incorporates greenery well and evokes a natural feel at the event.