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The TPG brands – Paramount Events, Truffleberry Market, Eden, and Paramount Fresh – are joining together to offer a broad menu of flavorful, delicious food options. Choose from family-style meals, kid-friendly snacks, freshly cut produce, pantry staples, and more.

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September Drop Off Specials at Paramount Events

August 30, 2016 | Drop Off Catering, Paramount Events, Seasonality

September Drop Off

Tailgate Menu Planning Begins Here


Tomorrow not only kicks off September, but a countdown to the first kickoff of the football season. As we get used to the idea that another summer is ending and think of the crisp fall air ready to move in, we naturally shift to heartier dishes. So, throw that last patio party, host the ultimate tailgate and get excited – our newest drop off menu is here to make it deliciously memorable.


Pulled Beef Brisket Sandwich

Cabbage & Red Onion Slaw, Brioche

Vegetarian Tamales

Poblano, Onion, Chihuahua Cheese, Pico de Gallo

September Chopped Salad

Iceberg, Black Beans, Shaved Corn, Baby Bell Pepper, Butternut Squash, Cherry Tomatoes, Red Onion, Sunflower Seeds, Herbed Buttermilk Dressing


Click here to order this featured menu for your next gathering. Or, if you’d rather mix & match, click here to check out the rest of our Drop Off Catering menu. You’ll be able to fully customize a spread that your guests will love!


sept salad

March 2020 Drop Off Specials

February 25, 2020 | Catering, Drop Off Catering, Paramount Events

Whether you’re joining the Chi-Irish masses at the Patrick’s Day River Dyeing or for the iconic St. Patrick’s Day Parade along Columbus Drive (both happening on March 14th), our special St. Paddy’s drop-off menu will get you in the mood for putting on your green and gold—and, let’s be honest, provide a solid base for bar-hopping. Sláinte!