Planning Your Wedding Menu

May 4, 2018 | Catering, Weddings

At Paramount Events we think that sharing a meal with the people you love is the best way to celebrate. With that being said, we want your wedding food to not only highlight you as a couple, but also wow your loved ones and elevate the experience that they had at your wedding. Now the hard part: planning your wedding menu. When we build out menus for our clients, we take into account a lot of different factors to make sure that what we serve matches their vision. Here are the three main points we focus on: seasonality, guests/your tastes, and style of food service.


[A wedding catered by Paramount Events at The Lakewood. Photo by Emilia Jane Photography]


Let’s dive in with seasonality, which to us is most important. Seasonality of food, by definition, refers to the time when the flavors will be at their peak. Wow your guests with fresh flavors that will explode during the month of your wedding (think fruits and vegetables). We use as much from our on-site greenhouse as possible to ensure that our plates are fresh and show off beautiful colors of the season. Pro-tip: Everyone loves a great edible flower garnish! 


[Fresh edible flowers from our onsite greenhouse. Watch how our culinary team uses them in our catering here.]


You can’t please everyone and their personal taste, but you do need to think about your audience when building out a menu. If your extended family is very picky, traditional eaters- it might not be the best idea to serve a very out of the box menu item. Play off flavors and foods that remind you of hometowns, traditional meals that you shared as families, and restaurants that you had special moments at. This will only make the menu more special to you and connect your guests with food personal touches. Take a look at one of our Spanish Paellas that would be a killer family style dish!


[One of our beautiful housemade paellas puts a signature touch on any catered event.]


Finally, the style of food service that you are looking to have will greatly play into what you serve. What that means is, if you want a very formal wedding reception- plated is the way to go. This will allow you to command the events that happen through the night by filtering them in between courses (speeches, cake cutting, first dances). If you want a party celebration, station might be a better option for you. This will allow guests will grab food at their leisure while dancing and mingling with other guests. You can read more about plated dinners vs. food stations in this blog post.


[A plated salad created specifically for one of our couples utilizing their favorite produce.]


Most importantly we’re here to help you choose food that you love and that speaks to you as a couple. It is YOUR day after all! Ready to start planning your menu? Reach out anytime at (773) 880-8044 or INFO@PARAMOUNTEVENTSCHICAGO.COM.