Tips for Planning Your Catered Event

May 30, 2018 | Catering, Events, Paramount Events, Paramount Events Inspiration, Party Planning, Venue Category, Weddings


Timing the booking of a caterer can be difficult when planning your catered event due to considerations such as budget, the number of guests, the type of event, and the venue itself. For most events, however, choosing the venue is the most important priority in order to make sure enough time is allocated for securing the space.


Many venues will then provide a list of approved or preferred caterers in Chicago to provide service at the event. Occasionally these important first tasks can be switched because Paramount Events can provide the venue or recommend the perfect location that aligns with the budget and type of event being held.


Regardless of the order of choosing the venue or caterer, it is important to assign about half of the overall budget for both. Spending less than half of the budget on the venue and caterer could lead to undesired results, and spending more than half could cause an excess in spending in order to achieve the original vision for the event.


Paramount’s event managers can work with you to make sure this stressful time of choices and considerations goes as smoothly as possible and prevails in a spectacular experience for every guest.