Picnic Boxed Lunches from Paramount Events

April 29, 2016 | Seasonality

featured picnic

As warm weather slowly but surely becomes more consistent in Chicago, we know you’ll be looking to enjoy the sunshine. Patios, rooftops and outdoor seating areas will begin to open up, and Chicagoans can finally enjoy the warmth after the long and cold winter months. Enjoying a meal outside is one of the greatest parts of the warm weather, and here at Paramount we know that. Among our many drop off menu items, we offer our ever so popular picnic boxes. Head to the park with some friends and bring these delicious lunches for a picnic that will put the perfect touch on your outdoor fun!

But that’s not all—our picnic boxes are themed! These boxed lunches are based off of certain countries’ cuisines ranging from American to Mediterranean. Just another touch to make your picnic meal more unique.


We were thrilled to hear about one of our picnic boxes’ newest fans, Leah Nolan, of The Chicago Chic! Click here to see her article.


First, we have the American Picnic lunch. In this, you will find a Petite “Left Over” Fried Chicken Sandwich, Coleslaw, Seasonal Fruit Salad, Corn and Tomato Salad and Apple Hand Pie.


American Picnic


Next is our French Picnic lunch, consisting of Country Ham, Gruyere, Baby Lettuce, Radish, Cornichon’s, and Garlic Aioli on Baguette with Olive Tapenade, Crackers and Macarons. Bon Appetit!


French Picnic


Our delectable Italian Picnic lunch is made up of Caprese Salad, Citrus Marinated Olives, Mini Italian Sandwich with Prosciutto and Fig Jam, Grapes and Chocolate Dipped Biscotti.


Italian Picnic


Lastly, we have our Mediterranean Picnic lunch. In this, you will find Tomato and Cucumber Salad, Chicken Kabobs, Couscous, Hummus, Yogurt-Garlic Sauce and a Spiced Cookie!


mediterranean lunch


Click here to see the full drop off menu and description of our Picnic boxed lunches!