The Perfect Party Menu

September 11, 2017 | Paramount Events Inspiration, Party Planning


There are many things to consider when choosing a menu for a party. From dietary restrictions to seasonality of ingredients, the process can get seem daunting. The good news is that there’s usually a starting point or inspiration for the menu, whether it’s your famous fried chicken sliders that your guests are dying to try, or the fact that you have far too many tomatoes in your garden and need to get rid of them. Either way, we’ve rounded up five basic things to keep you focused while creating your menu.


1. Style

Whether you choose to serve heavy hors d’Ouevres, a five course seated dinner, or opt for interactive stations, the style is of the meal will set the stage for the menu. 


2. Timing

The time of day that the meal will be served is also very critical in determining what food and beverages to serve. If the meal is over dinner (4pm-6pm), the selections will most likely be heavier than if it were an event over the morning hours.




3. Balance

When selecting recipes and choosing items for the meal, remember to keep a balance in textures and flavors. If your meal is spicy, be sure to have a cooling element, if it is savory, include something sweet on the side. 


4. Variety

To start the quest of deciding on which ‘crowd pleasers’ to include in your menu, first begin by thinking of items that you like. Then, incorporate items that match the theme, type of cuisine(s) being represented, and of course, the season your event falls in. Remember to also take into consideration any dietary restriction and allergies your guests may have.


5. Seasonality 

Seasonal ingredients are a good idea to incorporate into your menus because they are often cheaper. In addition, seasonal items are not likely to be imported, meaning they are picked at their freshest and tastiest and will add much more flavor and nutrition to your meal. 



When it’s finally time to host, remember not everything needs to be prepared the day of the party, nor should it be. We suggest slicing vegetables, marinating meats, and prepping sauces ahead of time to save yourself some time.


If you choose to have your event catered, we’re always here to help bring your vision to life. With us, clients will enjoy nothing short of impeccable service and work with an event planning team that’s ambitious, creative and ready to help.


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