2023 in Review: Setting the Table for 2024 and Beyond

January 19, 2024 | Catering, Events, Sustainability

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In 2023, we had a dynamic calendar of events. Our team organized various events, including corporate receptions, weddings, nonprofit galas, brand launches, multi-day events, award ceremonies, holiday parties, office catering, and more—hundreds of occasions and reasons for gathering. But above all, one figure stands out: 


In 2023, we served

380,000 guests 


It’s true – we had the privilege of serving more than 380,000 guests last year. Our success lies in the fact that we have a deep-rooted belief in what we do and what we’ve continued to build on since our start in 2011. Whether catering to a small group or an extensive crowd, every dish we serve is carefully crafted because we understand the value of making a lasting impression. But our impact continues. Our commitment extends beyond our company to our community. In 2023, we achieved significant progress in our sustainability and social responsibility programs. 

Impact Beyond Our Events


As with any food business, we sometimes have excess inventory. Thanks to technological advancements and legislation, we have partnered with Copia, a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC), to redirect our surplus inventory of nutritious food and meals to our local community and organizations in need. 

Provided by COPIA January 2023 – December 2023



2,890 lbs

of food diverted

8,900 lbs

of CO2 emissions saved

2,400 meals

donated to local non-profits

659k gals

of water saved



Beyond food donations, we are minimizing waste and maximizing utility. Our commitment to this cause is evident through our successful composting program with WasteNot, which was awarded a prestigious Gold Level Partnership distinction by the Illinois Food Scrap & Composting Coalition’s recognition program. 

88,848 lbs

of compostable material collected

Provided by WasteNot January 2023 – December 2023 

Culinary Excellence Through Community


We take great pride in the food that we serve, and we are deeply invested in the production of how it gets made. Our highly skilled culinary team prepares everything in-house, including artisanal marinades and fresh daily bread. We prioritize sourcing our ingredients from local farms, markets, and small businesses in our community, and we even grow some of our produce in our on-site greenhouse. We are devoted to quality and sustainability in every aspect of our menu development and production and have proudly earned certification from the Green Restaurant Association. 


Our on-site greenhouse currently harvests over 70 varieties of herbs, greens, and edible flowers. 


As a woman-owned company, we actively champion and empower businesses that reflect diverse ownership. We achieve this by honoring their expertise and facilitating the expansion of their services, enriching our offerings to clients and guests. This commitment has led to flourishing partnerships with respected companies in Chicago, such as Justice of the Pies, Brown Sugar Bakery, Cynergy Bakes, Volition Tea, and Brewpoint Coffee. 

2024 and Beyond


As we enter 2024, we are ready to embark on new heights. The previous year was a testament to our steadfast commitment to excellence, as we served meticulously crafted dishes to over 380,000 guests and made a positive impact beyond our events. Our devotion to sustainability and social responsibility is not only reflected in our daily practices but is also transforming the catering and events industry for the better. Community is at the heart of our culinary experience, which is evident in our sourcing practices, on-site greenhouse, and partnerships with local businesses. As we look forward, 2024 promises to advance our initiatives, provide even more support to our community, and deliver exceptional service and culinary experiences that exceed expectations. Here’s to the future, where every event becomes a platform for celebration, sustainability, and shared moments that linger in our memories. 

Photography: Paramount Events, Natalie Probst, Kenny Kim, Cailynn Wolfgang, Eliesa Johnson