Pan Seared Sea Bass

March 17, 2014 | Paramount Events, Recipes

pan seared seabass


Sea bass, sunchoke puree, Tuscan kale, artichoke hearts, baby carrots, tomato confit, lemon-ginger gremolata and bull’s blood.



(2) 5-6 oz sea bass filets (if possible make sure fish is caught under guidelines set by Monterey Bay Aquarium and SeaFood Watch)
2 oz canola oil
3 oz unsalted butter
6 oz sunchokes in acidulated water, peeled
1 oz sugar
1 oz Kosher salt
1 oz heavy cream
1 bunch Tuscan kale
2 cups chicken stock
2 fresh artichokes
juice from two lemons
2 cups water
6 baby carrots
1 Roma tomato
4 garlic cloves, peeled
1 large sprig thyme
1 cup olive oil
2 oz fresh lemon juice
2 oz extra virgin olive oil
1/2 oz ginger, fine julienned and diced
1/2 oz shallot, fine julienned and diced
1/2 garlic clove, fine julienned and diced
1/2 oz parsley, chopped
1/2 oz chives, chopped
1/4 oz tarragon, chopped
beet greens




Drain water from peeled sunchokes, place in sauce pan. Cover with cold water. Add sugar and salt. Bring to boil, simmer until tender. Discard liquid. While hot blend with one ounce butter and heavy cream to create puree. Salt to taste.


Remove spine and stem, cut into three-inch pieces. Cook in saute pan over medium heat in chicken stock and 1 ounce butter for 20 minutes.


Remove fibrous leave, choke and stem. Cut into four pieces. Store in acidulated water until ready to cook. In saute pan add enough olive oil to saute, add artichoke an dcook until caramelized.


Baby carrots
Peel carrots, cut to desired size. In a small pot cover with cold water and cook until water starts boiling or until desired tenderness.


Tomato confit
Bring small pot of water to boil. Mark tomato with an “x” on its tip, drop into water for five seconds. At “x” begin peeling skin off, quarter and seed forming four petals. Season with salt and pepper. Place in baking dish (shiny side up), add thyme, garlic cloves. Bake in oven at 195 degrees for one hour. Remove garlic and bake an additional two hours.


Lemon-ginger gremalota
In a small bowl thoroughly combine lemon juice, olive oil, add julienned and diced ginger, shallots and garlic. Add chopped parsley, chives and tarragon. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Blend all ingredients well, refrigerate for an hour for flavors to set.


Sea bass
Season with salt and pepper. Place fish in a very hot heavy bottomed skillet to sear, flip add one ounce butter and baste until golden brown. Transport to oven and cook at 350 degrees for five minutes.


Bull’s blood
Beet greens for garnish


Smear sunchoke puree on plate, top with vegetables, fish, lemon-ginger gremolata and tomato confit. Garnish with bull’s blood.