On-site Venue Benefits

December 26, 2018 | Catering, Paramount Events Inspiration, Party Planning, Weddings

You’ve booked a great venue and an established caterer, but the two are located on completely separate sides of Chicago and require lots of travel time between them. This travel time presents a host of issues that include food transportation, venue modification and unknowledgeable staff at the event itself. With our on-site kitchen and serving staff at Paramount Events, multiple venues, and next-door restaurant Eden, we’re able to provide unrivaled service at every event because everyone employed under the Paramount name is informed about the event location, the menu and any questions the client or guests may have. Check out on-site venue benefits here:



Having an on-site venue means that all the food prepared within the same building doesn’t have to be packaged, transported, reheated and prepared at another venue. In addition, food is then guaranteed to be fresher and taste better than its off-site counterparts. Within our venues such as The Lakewood and Spaces at 1756, our highly-trained staff is able to modify and assist with any issues because of their expertise about Paramount and our values. An on-site venue means everyone within the space is dedicated to the event and knows exactly what it takes to make sure it is executed with perfection.