St. Patrick Specials with Drop Off

February 8, 2024 | Catering, Drop Off Catering, Paramount Events

Enjoy traditional

St. Patrick’s Day cuisine!


Get ready to sham-rock your world with our St. Patrick’s drop-off specials! Whether you’re throwing an epic bash at your office or rendezvousing with pals before hitting the emerald streets, these specials will turn up the craic! Our specials are delivered fresh on the day, ready to serve. So, why wait for luck to find you? Let the festivities begin!

Lunch & Dinner Menu

$26 Per Person, Minimum 10 People


Traditional Irish Braised Corned Beef
Potatoes, Green Cabbage, Baby Carrots


Emerald Caesar Salad
Little Gem Lettuce, Avocado, Broccoli Florets, Baby Bell Peppers,

Snap Peas, Herbs, Green Goddess Dressing



Mini “End of the Rainbow Cupcakes” $3 

Confetti Cupcakes with Emerald Green Buttercream Frosting


Irish Soda Bread $20 each loaf
Traditional Irish Quick-Bread Baked with Golden Raisins