It turns out that playing with your food wasn’t left behind in grade school. Interactive Catering is one of the latest food trends that allows guests to interact with their meals in a completely new way. Our chefs here at Paramount Events have created dishes such as radish hors d’oeuvres and mix and match gazpacho to bring customization and a personal touch to your Chicago catering experience. Here’s a few ideas for your next interactive event:



  • Build-your-own Buddha bowl: Salad bars are so last year! Building your own buddha bowl is the perfect power lunch, and allows guests to get creative with different flavors, textures, and colors.



  • Charcuterie Tablescape:  We turn an average table into a massive charcuterie board, allowing guests to both marvel at the display and interact with the cuisine as they build their perfect bites.




  • Crudités Tablescape: Similar to the charcuterie display, we turn an average table into a massive crudités board, giving guests the opportunity to interact with their meals and indulge in a variety of sliced vegetables, dips and hummus. We usually catch people interacting with their phones first though to capture the unique moment!



  • Build your own Sangria: As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, sangria is the perfect summer drink to enjoy at events and among friends. Our build-your-own sangria bar offers an assortment of juicy fruits, delectable wines and a splash of brandy or two to enhance a summer night and offer a flair of personalization to the drinks.



  • Mix and Match Gazpacho:  Guests enjoy mixing and matching the three distinct flavors and colors of our tomato-based gazpachos with roasted peppers and grilled lemon to discover new flavor combinations and expand their palettes.




  • Radish Hors d’oeuvres: Our servers present an assortment of red and white radishes that guests can enjoy choosing from in this delicious hors d’oeuvre dish. One of our most popular hors d’oeuvres is a radish crudité paired with whipped beet-goats milk butter and migas.



  • Sushi spheres with soy sauce pipettes: One of our most fun dishes involves sushi spheres that are skewered with a soy sauce-filled pipette. Once picked from the serving tray, the spheres are filled with the soy sauce by the guest to allow for a fresh and flavor filled dish.



Ready to cater your next event? Reach out anytime to start planning at (773) 880-8044 or INFO@PARAMOUNTEVENTSCHICAGO.COM.