Incorporating Summer Colors into Your Menu

August 1, 2018 | Party Planning

Summertime brings some of the best colors: clear blue skies, freshly cut green grass and juicy ripe fruit. Let your next event shine with these tips for incorporating summer colors into your menu. 



When it comes to planning your event, ditch the neutral tones and play with some colorful schemes for the summer season. This can be easily accomplished by adding lively décor and florals, and using colorful food on the menu to create a breezy and fun atmosphere in any space.



Salads are the perfect food group to add a pop of color. Seasonal fruits, veggies and nuts allow for a backdrop of arugula and romaine to be the most memorable part of your event. A few ideas for a crisp salad include caramelized peaches, fresh berries, heirloom tomatoes and corn straight from the cob.



When it comes to picking an entrée, think about how the drab components can be replaced with something a little more colorful. Instead of regular potatoes, look to use purple fingerlings with a Romesco sauce as a light and peppery base, then add in some tri-colored cauliflower or heirloom carrots. A great way to enhance any dish is to top it off with a sprinkle of edible flowers. We prefer ours straight from the Paramount greenhouse. Replacing a boring food component with something a little more colorful and fun is an easy way to make sure your summer event is a hit!