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March 6, 2015 | Press

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Thanks Illinois Meetings + Events for featuring us on your page and letting us share some of our predictions for this year’s wedding trends.



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Now that we have entered into March, the wedding season is fast upon us. Planners looking for savvy ideas might consider some of these on-trend predictions for 2015 from Chicago’s Paramount Events. Even better, these tips can be the perfect match for most other formal events, too!


1. The Perfect Pairing… Hors D’Oeuvres & Mini-Cocktails. Start the reception with curated pairings of hors d’oeuvres and mini cocktails or shots. Suggestions include mini paella cups with mojitos, short rib sliders with bourbon, fried oysters with Bloody Mary shots and tiny tacos with margaritas. “These pairings are a simple way to put a fresh, creative spin on the usual cocktail hour,” explains Caroline Melia, senior sales consultant for Paramount Event’s weddings division.


2. Color Crazed. The top color schemes for 2015 include:


   -Prettier than a penny. Gold and silver have remained popular picks for decades, but in 2015           expect to see copper occupying the top position. From centerpieces to invitation fonts, it sets         an ultra-glam mood.


   -Plum crazy. ‘Tis the season for plum. Expect to see deep purple shades and nude paired for a         classy look.


   -A little sparkle. For couples that love a little glitz, pair sparkle and sequins with neutrals for a       timeless yet celebratory vibe.


3. Rustic Wedding Chic. Rustic weddings have been a strong trend the last several years and show no signs of slowing down in 2015.


4. Hanging Florals. Everything doesn’t have to be rooted to the ground. Expect to see florals draped from arches, hanging above guest tables and other unique drapings.


5. A New Slice of Wedding Cake. Here’s some sweet ways to play up the dessert hour.


   -Cake shots > cake pops. Instead of the tired cake pop, try a fun “cake shot,” made to resemble       the nostalgic push pop. It’s still mess-free but with a twist on the theme.


   -Cut the cheesecake. Who doesn’t live for cheesecake, especially in this city? There are no rules       against having it as wedding cake!


   -Naked cakes. Naked cakes offer a more minimalist look, while still delivering plenty of beauty.     They’re incredibly versatile and can be easily dressed up with colorful layers, fresh fruit,                 flowers or imaginative toppers.


   -Dig into Comfort Food. For non-traditional rustic, bohemian or vintage brides, comfort foods       can be great options for the menu. These offerings should be simple, plentiful and familiar to         guests, such as soups, cheese & cracker stations, mac n’ cheese and more.


7. Unique Serving Vessels. See ‘ya later, traditional plates and bowls. Couples are looking for             unique ways to display their food, and tapping into flowerpots, contemporary vessels and one-     of-a-kind serving pieces will stand out.


8. Smaller Sips. Be it flights of craft beer, shots of different bourbons, wine samplings, sangria or even a lemonade or fizzy soda bar, couples are letting guests sample an array of beverages at different drink stations.


9. Boozy Coffee Bars. Coffee bars with Bailey’s or Sambuca make for a fun and delicious after-dinner option that will keep guests energized and on the dance floor all night long.


10. Non-Traditional Favors. Because matchbooks and almonds have definitely seen their day, try these updates.


   -A prickly favor. In 2015, expect to see more pint-sized succulents chosen as favors for a                   memorable takeaway.


   -Amazing edibles. Think past the traditional mini-jars of jam to full food kits, like boxes stuffed     with all the fixings for a yummy late-night snack or a morning-after brunch.


Happy planning!


Selena Fragassi
Illinois Meetings + Events


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