How Rising Gas Prices Are Affecting Catering Companies

March 12, 2022 | Catering, Drop Off Catering, Full Service Catering, Paramount Events

A few things to know before planning your next event.


Even before you connect with our catering team to discuss your menu, many external factors have already been set in motion that affect the cost of executing an event. Paramount Events has always had a focus on supporting the community, feeding into the local economy, cutting our carbon footprint, and being mindful of sustainable practices. But every ingredient, every service – each point along the supply chain has an impact on the prices that make it to our company.


In addition, we have our own direct cost of fuel to manage because we are on the road making deliveries from our drop-off menu to transporting staff, equipment, and product to full-service events. Vehicles that used to take $30 to fill up now take up to $70-80! Any time gas prices rise significantly, you can expect the cost of labor, transportation, and food to also increase. 


Read about the rising gas prices here


What does this mean for clients?

  • Clients should understand that event costs will be higher until fuel prices stabilize. 
  • Expect to receive surcharges for food delivery and catering services – these fees help offset the rising cost of fuel and help us continue paying our employees a fair wage


What are some tips for other companies?

  • Communicate any new pricing or fees to clients
  • Adjust pricing or add surcharges to offset increased gas fees
  • Work with your team on ways to become more fuel-efficient
  • Consider hybrid or electric vehicles



Need help planning your menu and navigating uncertain prices?