Holiday Cookie Decorating Ideas

December 4, 2019 | Catering, Drop Off Catering, Paramount Events, Seasonality

It’s that time of year—snow is falling, festivity is in the air, and cookies are going in the oven! While we think cookies are a great idea at any time of year – we love the added care, creativity, and community that is part of the holiday cookie decorating tradition. Here are some quick tips to make your holiday treats stand out against the crowd!


Easy Icing Recipe

A simple icing recipe makes it easier to ice large batches of cookies and allows you to focus more on your decorating; one that involves no more than three ingredients is ideal. Including a flavored extract adds a delicious twist on your typical cut out cookie. We recommend a clear extract so that it doesn’t impact the color of your icing!


Consistency is Key

It is essential to create a thick and a thin icing if you are outlining your cookies. Once the borders are drawn and dry, use the thinner icing to fill quickly. Different batches of fun colors let your designs come to life. We recommend adding sprinkles to help your cookies sparkle. But be careful—the icing dries quickly! You can also use the thinner icing to dip cookies, which creates a smooth canvas for your creativity to run wild.


Dazzling Designs

The best part of cookie decorating is adding your unique flair and design. One of our favorite techniques involves thin icing and a toothpick. While the icing is still wet, use a toothpick to pull contrasting colors in different directions. The options are unlimited!


Additionally, use a toothpick to draw a swirl pattern within a bowl or pan icing. From there, you can dip the face of your cookie into the vessel to create a whimsical effect. When all else fails, use a piping bag to draw directly onto the cookies. (If you are in a pinch, use a sandwich bag and make a thin cut to the corner)


Whether you are going for a classic cut out cookie style or an out-of-the-box look, we’ve got you covered! These techniques can take you in any direction. Don’t be shy—try something new to show off your talent or contact us to help liven up your holidays and wow your guests.