Within walking distance of our Paramount Events office, our on-site 20′ x 28′ greenhouse holds 18 garden beds and various pots, all filled with soil nurtured for over 8 years using organic fertilizers. We grow over 40 herbs, edible flowers, and greens such as borage, arugula, egyptian star flowers, basil, and more. 


Our greenhouse ingredients add uncompromised flavor and beauty to every dish that we produce. We use organic practices, hand-pick daily, rinse carefully, and store items at the ideal temperature, minimizing degradation and maximizing flavor while simulating seasonal conditions for year-round bountiful yields.



Meaningful Partnerships


Throughout the evolution of our greenhouses, one thing remains the same, we are lucky enough to share it with the community. Our greenhouse is a place for flourishing partnerships – having the opportunity to work with Growing Home and their workforce development program; teaching basic growing skills through educational activities to children, and hosting cocktail hours and greenhouse tours to the community.



Greenhouse History


Over the span of a decade, we’ve been housing the same soil and a rotation of various plants in multiple growing structures. Starting from the humble beginnings of grow boxes on a paved parking lot to our latest professionally-assembled greenhouse just steps away from the Chicago River, we are always looking to improve and expand our growing program. Behind these initiatives is Chief Culinary Officer, Chef Devon Quinn. Considered a passion project, Quinn has been an integral piece in all aspects of building, planting, and tending.