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January 11, 2016 | Paramount Events, Paramount Events Inspiration, Press

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Balancing life with career with family. It’s always a challenge. Thanks to FW: Magazine for speaking with our Founder & Principal, Jodi Fyfe,  and sharing a peek into how she makes it all work.


Soulful Sunday: Jodi Fyfe of Paramount Events


One of the city’s most sought-after event planners talks about how her family helps her keep the social whirl from becoming a whirlwind.


January 10, 2016 | 7:45 AM


Soulful Sunday is a weekly dose of inspiration from busy Chicago women who still manage to stay balanced no matter what their career—or life—throws their way.


As the founder and principal of Paramount Events, Fyfe has taken the wedding, corporate, and drop-off markets to new heights, becoming Chicago’s go-to resource for events and catering. Through Fyfe’s expertise and efforts, Paramount Events has catered some of the most esteemed and acclaimed Chicago events, including Chicago Gourmet and the James Beard Foundation’s Taste America Chicago. Jodi is also passionate about the advancement of several non-profits, founding Tickled Pink, an annual fundraiser raising money for cancer research, and working closely with the Hephzibah Children’s Organization. 


How she unwinds: 

I love a great massage, manicure/pedicure, or a girls night in! I also love enjoying a nice glass of red wine.”


Balance tip:

Balancing work and life is a bit tricky. My husband and I work together—I run Paramount Events and he’s the Executive Chef. We are constantly talking about work, even on days off! We go out to eat and talk about work, we shop and talk about work; there are a lot of triggers. The time we are most balanced is when we are with the kids—Hannah 18 and Ethan 17. When we’re with them, our focus is all on them and what’s happening in their lives. Being with my kids makes me the happiest and centers me, reminding me of what is most important. My tip is to surround yourself with what means the most to you in the world, and that’s my family.”


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