Ensuring Five Star Service at Your Wedding

May 14, 2018 | Catering, Paramount Events, Weddings

When you think about catering and Chicago caterers, the first thing that comes to mind is probably food. However, at Paramount Events we know that on your wedding day you’re trusting us with the overall experience, and great food is only part of the equation. To us, providing the best service in Chicago is equally important to our fresh and innovative cuisine. How do we ensure you and your guests experience five star service service and an incredible overall experience on your big day? We’re so glad you asked…



All our servers and bartenders are Paramount employees.

This may seem obvious, but you might be surprised to learn that Paramount Events is the only caterer in Chicago that directly employs and trains all of our field staff (servers, bartenders, etc.) in-house. Most caterers use third party staffing agencies to staff events, and have no knowledge or control over who is sent to work a wedding and how/if they were trained. By employing each and every staff member ourselves we are able to handle extensive training in-house, though a program called “Paramount University”, and ensure that the staff assigned to work your wedding are professionally trained and experienced servers who have first-hand knowledge of your wedding, the venue, and the high standards we hold our staff to.



The right staff to guest ratio.

When staffing a wedding the science of providing perfect service all comes down to the staff to guest count ratio. This determines how quickly the food is able to be served, how long the lines at your bars will be, how efficiently hors d’oeuvres are able to be passed, and more. While other caterers may cut staff in an effort to bring the price of your proposal down (only to later surprise you with poor service, or additional charges) or, overcharge you for staffing in areas that are nonessential, Paramount Events is committed to ensuring your event is staffed with the exact amount of servers needed for the flawless execution of your evening. In addition to servers, we also assign Captains to oversee groups of servers and an Event Manager to oversee those captains and servers.  This provides multiple layers of supervision that work cohesively impressing even the most difficult of Mother-In-Laws.



You’ll have your own personal server.

We’ve all heard stories of couples who have gone through their entire wedding reception barely getting a bite of food from the menu that they had worked so thoughtfully for months to plan. Not on our watch! At Paramount Events’ weddings we assign a personal server to the newlyweds, as well extra attentive service to the immediate families ensuring everyone has everything the need. We know the night moves fast, and everyone wants their moment with you. We’re there to foresee your needs, make life easier, and keep you from going hungry.


Our servers come with outfit options.

You’ve been so busy planning your attire for the big day, have you thought about how you’d like the staff to be dressed at your wedding?  At Paramount Events our catering staff have a number of uniform options perfect for everything from the most formal wedding, to a more laid back affair. Have a color or idea you’d like to incorporate into the servers’ uniforms? Anything is possible- just ask! Perhaps more important than what our servers wear during your wedding reception is also what they wear while setting up. Setting up a wedding can be hard work, which is why all our staff members are required to wear one uniform while setting up, and then change into a clean, freshly pressed uniform for dinner service. The only people seen sweating at your wedding will be on the dance floor!


Ready to start planning? Give us a call at 773-880-8044 or drop us a line at INFO@PARAMOUNTEVENTSCHICAGO.COM. Looking for more inspiration? Head over to our Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest pages.

Planning Your Wedding Menu

May 4, 2018 | Catering, Weddings

At Paramount Events we think that sharing a meal with the people you love is the best way to celebrate. With that being said, we want your wedding food to not only highlight you as a couple, but also wow your loved ones and elevate the experience that they had at your wedding.