Types of Events you can have Catered

December 6, 2016 | Paramount Events Inspiration


One of the biggest misconceptions about catering is that it is only for weddings, corporations, and other large events. The truth of the matter, is that smaller, more intimate gatherings deserve some attention too.


Special events usually involve friends and family, so what better way to enjoy time with loved ones than enjoying each other’s company and letting the professionals take care of the rest?


We’ve rounded up the top 5 most popular life events to have catered and different ways we can help you pull it off.


1) The Office Meeting

When your manager says, “Please plan the Executive Board Meeting for next week,” where do you turn? Our Drop Off Team is here to help you plan your next client meeting, brainstorm session, or team celebration. We will work with you to provide a menu that not only accommodates your colleagues’ dietary restrictions, but also one that leaves everyone feeling satisfied, yet still energized to continue the conversation in the afternoon.


2) The Holiday Party

Whether you’ve been nominated to plan the annual holiday party for your extended family, or you’ve graciously offered to host your neighbors over for wine and appetizers, you may want a little help with the food prep. That’s where we come in! No need is too small. We can offer everything from chef crafted hors d’Ouevres to a five course dinner. Whatever your desire, whatever your headcount, we’ve got your back.




3) The Birthday Party

Want to surprise your significant other or friend with a birthday party they’ll never forget? Reserve one of our private dining rooms and everything will be set up before the guests start arriving. Your happy guests will dine on Fried Brussel Sprouts, Braised Duck Lasagna, and Umami Doughnuts. We promise the cocktail list will not disappoint either.


4) The Shower

Whether you’re throwing a baby or bridal shower, the characteristics remain the same: immediate family, closest friends, (future) in-laws, games, gifts, and lots of food. No matter what time the event takes place, a satisfying menu is always appreciated. From finger food and petite pastries, to champagne bars and edible favors, planning a menu for a shower can be overwhelming and not to mention, time consuming. Hiring a caterer to take care of the food and beverage can save you a big headache and allow you to focus on enjoying the guest of honor and all of your guests.


5) The Anniversary Celebration

When everyone’s favorite couple celebrates a special anniversary, you better believe guests will travel near and far to be a part of the occasion. As the host/hostess, you’ll want to impress them with the finest menu in town, so why not rely on our culinary team to help make you look good? We will even send you one of our expert mixologists to serve bubbly and brews all night to toast the couple.


Need help with your next event? Give us a shout and we will be glad to help. We promise to ensure every last detail is perfect, from start to finish.

Tasting 101: With Chicago’s Premier Caterer

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Choosing the menu for your event can be stressful due to the sheer variety of menu possibilities and the uneasiness that can come with deciding on dishware and cutlery. At Paramount Events, we design your menu around personal tastes and build a flavor profile that incorporates your favorite foods and dishes from top-tier restaurants around Chicago.