DIY Spa Water

May 1, 2014 | Health and Wellness, Paramount Events

Spa water 2



May is Employee Health and Wellness month and here at Paramount Events, we’re participating in a big way!


One of the ways we’re making strides toward a healthier lifestyle is by replacing soda with spa water in our break room!


Spa water is healthy, delicious and incredibly easy to make.  


Spa Water


Our Sous Chef Jason Smith included: lemon, lime, cucumbers, blueberries, star fruit and mint in today’s version.  


Tip: fill your water dispenser with ice and pour in hot water to ensure purity.  Then add your fruits, vegetables and herbs and allow to chill for 24 hours before serving.   


Check out some of the benefits of today’s recipe:


  • Berries-contain powerful antioxidants thought to ward off heart disease, certain cancers, and age-related cognitive decline.

  • Citrus fruit– provides immune-boosting vitamin C and tumor-inhibiting limonoids.

  • Cucumber– a good source of heart-healthy potassium and bone-building vitamin K.

  • Mint– not only refreshing, but also has been used for centuries to treat a number of digestive issues. 

Try our recipe or experiment with your own.  The options are endless!

Paramount Serves: Earth Day

April 20, 2018 | Garden, Health and Wellness

If you couldn’t tell by our onsite greenhouse and passion for fresh ingredients, we are pretty serious about the Earth here at The Paramount Group. So serious in fact, that we kicked off Earth Day a week early this past weekend. In addition to being passionate about our environment, we’re also very focused on giving back to our community though our Paramount Serves initiative, and we saw Earth Day as the perfect opportunity to combine the two.