Catch Up with this Unbelieva-BOWL Catering Trend

June 5, 2018 | Catering, Drop Off Catering, Paramount Events Inspiration


From smoothies to burritos to sushi, what do these three foods have in common? They’re all being served in bowls! This latest bowl catering trend of deconstructed dishes was once unique to the beaches of Southern California, but now people across the country are enjoying dishes such as buddha and acaí bowls to taste individual ingredients better and conduct a healthier lifestyle. Paramount is thrilled with the idea of catering all-natural bowls filled with the freshest ingredients, such as our spring poke bowl with salmon, edamame, and avocado over sesame rice.



Don’t take our word for it however, because even experts are talking about the benefits of eating food in bowl form! A large bowl of food evokes the feeling of being content and pushes us to eat less, and even makes our brains think the food tastes better because it isn’t being served on a plate. No matter the reason for indulging in a wholesome bowl of food, the dish is sure to be delicious and leaving one feeling healthily nourished!


Fall Drop Off Specials

September 21, 2021 | Catering, Drop Off Catering, Paramount Events

How we celebrate special occasions and milestones has changed, but our appetites haven’t. During the winter this is even more relevant when people crave hearty foods. Drop off is perfect for special celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, viewing parties, bridal parties, and more!