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November 25, 2015 | Press


booze muse

Paramount’s own Adam Ranken was featured in Booze Muse‘s newest article about the best after work drinking!


Somme Wisdom: Best After-Work Drinking

By: David Hammond


Where do sommeliers, bartenders and other booze experts go for a nightcap after serving drinks to people all evening? To get an answer to that question, we asked sommes and others at several major watering holes/chow zones about where they go and what they drink after work.


Alexander Smith (Eno Wine Bar): Sable Kitchen & Bar (505 North State)

“I typically taste many wines throughout the week, so beer or liquor usually sound better! Sable has an expansive liquor selection and thoughtful cocktail list. You can try new things all the time. Sable also has a nice selection of unique gin and tonics and a better tequila selection than most.”


Aldo Zaninotto (Osteria Langhe): Sportsman’s Club (948 North Western)

“For the cocktails and the buzz, this is the place for me to catch up with other industry people, which is always good to do. It’s a small world and of course a great place to decompress. My favorites are Sazeracs and Negronis.”


Anthony Mitchell (La Sirena Clandestina): Best Intentions (3281 West Armitage)

“Best Intentions is just a bar in the style of how bars used to be. I order a cocktail or just a Highlife.” 


Adam Ranken (Paramount Events): Bangers & Lace (1670 West Division)

“Bangers has an awesome rotating beer selection and a solid cocktail menu as well. I personally recommend the Old Bitter Ben with Dickel Rye, Breckenridge Bitters, Benedictine and grapefruit bitters.” 


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