2018 Wedding Trends

September 19, 2018 | Décor, Party Planning

When it comes to wedding trends, we’ve pretty much seen it all here at Paramount Events. Here, we’ve rounded up some of the top wedding trends we’ve seen so far this year, and trends we anticipate will last throughout 2018. 

New Age Bohemian

This theme embraces a natural style, with flowing dresses and hints of the ’60s and ’70s. Vintage will still reign, so look to incorporate details like lace, wax seals, pressed flowers or a botanical bar. Have fun with more muted colors like maroons and light pinks to set a romantic feel, or earth tones to create a relaxed atmosphere with lots of greenery and florals. Texture is your best friend at a bohemian wedding, so look to bring in lots of rough wood elements and fun fabrics to beautifully contrast with your color scheme.


That black tuxedo? Toss it! Navy is the new black this season, and a deep midnight blue will work as a great neutral tone for the groom. Even bridesmaid’s dresses are incorporating navy this year. Don’t be afraid to bring the blues to your décor as well, with chrysanthemum arrangements and textured invitations helping to sport this latest color scheme.

Cheese Wheel Cakes

Yes, you read that right. Cheese wheel cakes are a fun way to shake up the traditional wedding and offer a personal flair. A tall stack of cheese wheels accented with grapes, assorted nuts and artisanal breads will allow guests to try different types and get a feel for the bride and groom’s particular tastes. Include a range of cheeses from cow to goat, and mild to pungent, or even a specialty cheese from the region.

Hot Chocolate Bar

While the winter rages on, warm up this season with a hot chocolate bar, complete with homemade marshmallows, candy canes and whipped cream. A range of chocolates from dark to white is a great way to incorporate even the pickiest of guests and create a relaxed atmosphere for your wedding. Present the option for a boozy hot chocolate to make this trend a memorable hit.

Popsicle Bar

Although pool season will be coming to an end in Chicago pretty soon, popsicle bars have been popping up all over as a fun way to enjoy a customized treat, and can be enjoyed by adults and kids. An assortment of toppings from crunchy candy to fresh fruit allows guests to personalize their popsicle and creates a casual feel.

Creative Seating

We’ve all been to the typical wedding with simple rows of seating, but stylistic seating arrangements are gaining popularity. Half circles around the altar, or swirls of chairs create a unique ceremony that guests will love. Choose to forego chairs entirely, and incorporate hay bales, puffy blankets and pillows, or even couches to set the mood of the wedding and create an unforgettable occasion.

Custom Neon Signs

The ’80s are the trendiest decade at the moment, but we’re not advocating for big hair and leg warmers! Instead, custom neon signs of your new shared last initial or single words can be a fun way to electrify your big day. Vaporwave aesthetics and tasteful retro décor can also help evoke a feeling of warm nostalgia.